The Gardner Pie Company, located in Akron, Ohio, has been family owned and operated since 1945.     
We offer a wide variety of quality pies for farm markets, in-store bakeries,     
retail bake shops and the food service industry.     
Every No Sugar Added Pie is made with the same
homemade goodness as our Traditional Fruit Pies.
Sweetened with Equal®, these pies are ideal for
health-conscious consumers or those on restricted
diets. Six delicious varieties including:
Very Berry

  Apple Pie
Our traditional apple pie, made from fresh Ida Red apples, has been modified for the health-conscious or restricted-diet consumer. Sweetened with Equal® instead of cane sugar, this pie still has the same fresh fruit taste found in every Gardner pie.

  Blueberry Pie
Loaded with plump and juicy wild blueberries, our No Sugar Added version of our blueberry pie is a delicious alternative for those on restricted diets. Sweetened with Equal® instead of cane sugar, this pie is bursting with fruit flavor.

  Cherry Pie
Tart red cherries are sweetened with Equal® in this No Sugar Added pie. Although this dessert may be low in sugar for those on restricted diets, it’s still high in flavor and real fresh fruit taste. It also contains the highest quality cherries available.

  Peach Pie
Fresh and juicy California peaches make a delicious, refreshing pie. Because we use Equal® instead of cane sugar in this No Sugar Added version, even those on restricted diets or watching their sugar intake can still enjoy the homemade goodness of our peach pie.

  Strawberry Pie
The handpicked California strawberries in this No Sugar Added pie bake in their own juices, sweetened with Equal®. Developed for health-conscious or restricted-diet consumers, this modified version of our strawberry pie is a delicious alternative.

  Very Berry Pie
This pie is big on berry flavor, but low in sugar. We’ve substituted cane sugar with Equal®, so consumers who are watching their sugar intake can still enjoy this delightful blend of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and red raspberries, all tucked into our light, flaky crust.