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Putting You First

Putting You First

Honest people and honest ingredients have been the heart of the Gardner Pie Company for more than 70 years. Our employees – many of them second and third generation – take pride in what they do. Every day their expertise combines with premium ingredients like pure cane sugar, super grade A cherries, tree-ripened peaches, fresh apples, premium nuts and real spices to create what has come to be known as “The Gardner Difference.” It’s a difference consumers taste in every bite.
Building on tradition with innovative options like our Handmade Colonial Pie Collection, Desserts for Two and our South of the Border collection help you stay on top of market trends. Gardner's in-house R&D team ensures that each new recipe stays true to the Gardner family standard of excellence.
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Woman eating pieVariety
We offer more than 60 varieties of pie, from simple classics to holiday showstoppers to savory vegetable pies. That means your customers can always find their favorite, as well as something new to try!



The Bottom Line

The Gardner Difference is more than just baking pies. If you are looking for a robust program or just trying to carve out space on your menu for a signature dessert, Gardner has the resources to help you succeed. Let our team help you create a promotional strategy that features our pies as an experience for your customers to share, savor and return to time after time.


'Our goal is to maintain the highest possible level of purity."
– Erin Ray, Product Development